بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.'” [Bukhari 5073, Muslim 993]

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Contact Info

Address: 7907 36 Ave NW, Edmonton,
AB T6K 3S6
Phone: (780) 450-6170


Important Information

PRE-REGISTRATION process for Jummah Prayers only

Jummah prayer registrations are open every Wednesday at 7:00 pm via an email to all previous attendees and new event link is shared at Markaz Facebook page, Website, Twitter and WhatsApp group for any new registrations.
Please be considerate and register for only one prayer at your preferred time. Multiple registrations will disqualify and be cancelled. Please arrive at Masjid door just 10-15 minutes before your registered prayer time to avoid big gatherings at Markaz premises.
However, doors may close several minutes ahead of prayer time upon reaching our capacity so please don't be late either.
We shall greatly appreciate your cooperation in following all COVID SoPs and directions of our volunteers who work really hard in managing attendees entering and exiting masjid between prayers.
Jazak Allahu Khairan

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Markaz-ul-Islam Quran classes

Classes are starting Sept 8
Mon-Thu 5:30-7:00 (1st session)
Mon-Thu 7:00-8:30 (2nd session)
Friday 5:30-7:30 (Both above sessions combined)


Markaz Daily Office hours

Dear Community,

Markaz UL Islam, office will be open daily Monday to Saturday, to serve community better.
If you have an important issue to discuss, please book an appointment or contact the Imam sahib online Ask Imam

  • Office will be open Mon-Fri 5:00-5:30 pm
  • Saturday for One Hour after Zuhr
  • Sunday Closed


Weekdays Quran-al-Kareem recitation and Islamic Studies classes

Markaz ul Islam Miftah-ul-Quran Madrassah Schedule:

  • class 1: Mon-Thursday 5:30-7:00 - Registration Closed
  • class 2: Mon-Thursday 7:00-8:30 - Accepting Registration
  • On Fridays, it is only 1 class instead of 2. Both 5:30-7:00 and 7:00-8:30 classes merge together in a single class 5:30-7:30pm.

Quran Memorization (Hifz) Class:

  • Mon-Fri 5:30-8:30, Sat 11:00-02:00 - Admission Test Required - 4 vacancies available

Weekend Quran recitation and Islamic Studies class:

  • Sat, Sun 11:00-01:00 - Accepting Registrations

For registration please go online
Madrassah Registration
Markaz Madrassah Syllabus

Prayer Timing


27 Sha'ban 1442

Zuhr Iqamah

2:00 pm

60:00 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr4:33 am 6:00 am
Sunrise6:44 am
Zuhr1:40 pm 2:00 pm
Asr5:19 pm 6:15 pm
Maghrib8:31 pm 8:31 pm
Isha9:56 pm 10:01 pm
Jumuah 6 Jumuah Prayers.
1st Iqamah at 2:00pm
2nd Iqamah at 2:30pm
3rd Iqamah at 3:00pm
4th Iqamah at 3:30pm
5th Iqamah at 4:00pm
6th Iqamah at 4:30pm

PRE-REGISTRATION process for Jummah Prayers only

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Markaz Ramzan Calendar 2021

Markaz Moon Sighting Policy

Markaz UL Islam Email Subscription

Todays Events

Upcoming Events

Location Map


New Program: The Character (Akhlaq) of Holy Prophet

Markaz ul Islam is honoured to host the famous and world renowned speaker and Counsellor, Dr. Mohammed Sadiq with this new program every Wednesday after Maghrib salat starting this Wednesday, Sept.6th.

The entire community is invited to benefit from this very informative program to be presented..

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Eid UL Adha Festival 2018

Assalaamu Alaikum.
Markaz ul Islam is extremely thankful to each and every brother, sister, youth, and elders for showing their overwhelming support in today’s Eid Festival.

Ma Sha Allah, hundreds of families showed up to participate in a lot of fun activities and enjoyed a number..

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Expo Center United Eid ul Adha 2018

Under the banner of Markaz UL Islam, thousands of Muslims, attended the United Eid Ul Adha at Northlands Expo center.


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Eid ul Adha 1439 Announcement

Eid Ul Adha 1439 Announcement
Assalaamu Alaikum.

Markaz Ul Islam announces that Eid ul Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018.

This decision has been taken in consultation with local Imams and scholars for the sake of UNITY among the Masajid and Islamic organizations..

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Eid Festival and BBQ

Markaz will be hosting an Eid Festival and BBQ on Saturday August 25th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There will be lots of fun activities. Everyone is invited to attend with their families.


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Formation of new Youth Committee

Markaz ul Islam is pleased to announce the formation of new Youth Committee, we have received an overwhelming interest from the Community.

The structure of the new Youth Committee is as follows:
1. Shaukat Sultan – Board Director
2. Imran Qureshi – Program Director


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Markaz looking for – New Youth Committee members

Markaz uL Islam, welcomes interest from Muslim youth aged between 16 and 20 years, for a 2 years term of their “Youth Committee”.
At the same time, the current board is very obliged and thankful to the former Youth Committee whose term completed recently.

Please submit your..

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Markaz BBQ media coverage

Lots of people from the neighborhood attended the BBQ today.
This BBQ was in the honor of new Muslims, and people of other faith.

Few dignitaries such as, Hon Christina Gray minister of Labour, Rod Loyola MLA, Stephen Mandel leader of Alberta party and other political candidates also..

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Weekly Programs at Markaz 14th July Till 20th July, 2018

Tafseer and Dars Programs at Markaz:

Tafseer will continue on Sunday after Zuhr Salah with Imam Subrathi.
Dars of Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith with Sheikh Jamac on Friday after Maghrib.
Seerah Dars with Moulana Ansab on Saturday after Asr Salah.
Tajweed for brothers..

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