PRE-REGISTRATION process only for Jummah Prayers

Dear Community Members Assalam-O-Alaikum,
We appreciate and respect your love towards Markaz-ul-Islam as hundreds of you visit here every Friday with an intention to pray Jummah at this Masjid. However, due to very stringent rules enforced by all levels of governments, we are sadly unable to accommodate every one. We are continuously being monitored and warned by authorities to ensure 100% compliance.That being said, we are going back to the online PRE-REGISTRATION process for only Jummah Prayers. Please ensure to register immediately using this link come for Jummah prayer only upon receiving a confirmation email from Eventbrite, and keep that proof ready to show our volunteers at Masjid doors.We sincerely apologize for this hassle but we have no other viable choice to avoid long and prohibited line ups at our premises causing serious health and safety issues.

In-Sha-Allah, 350 brothers will be accommodated in FIVE Jumma prayers @ 70 brothers (only) in each prayer.

1st Iqama at 2:00pm
2nd Iqama at 2:30pm
3rd Iqama at 3:00pm
4th Iqama at 3:30pm
5th Iqama at 4:00pm
6th Iqama at 4:30pm

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this un-precedented difficult time.

Jummah prayer registrations are open Wednesday morning at 12am via an email invite to all previous attendees and a new event link is shared for new registrations at Markaz Facebook page, Website and WhatsApp group by noon.

Please register for only one prayer at your preferred time. Multiple registrations will disqualify and be cancelled. Please arrive at Masjid just 5-10 mins before your confirmed prayer time to avoid big gatherings at Markaz premises. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in following all COVID SOPs and directions of our volunteers.

Do remember the Ummah of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) in your Duaas.
Jazzak Allah Khair
Markaz Ul Islam

Posted by Jamal Gilani