Ladies Safety Exit Project

During construction, due to ‘City Fire and Safety Regulations’ and for the sake of our community member’s safety in particular we are taking mentioned below actions:

  1. Closing half of the parking to facilitate construction work, we are requesting people to park outside in designated parking spots. DONOT block neighbor’s driveways, intersection etc.

  2. Main entrance to the Masjid will also be closed and due to ‘City’s fire and safety regulations’ we need to reduce the number of people in the Masjid at any given time. Therefore Markaz will not be able to accommodate woman for Friday prayers ONLY and Brothers will be using existing Sisters side entrance to the Masjid (during construction time period)

  3. Construction / Restriction signs will be posted in and around the Masjid for giving extra caution to the people as there will be some power shut down, excavations and potential hazard for trips, slip and falls and working at height etc.

  4. Requesting parents to cautious at the time of dropping off their kids to Madrassa classes. They must park their vehicles outside and hand over their kids to the teachers and at the end of the class pick them up the same way. DONOT let kids play or wondering around in construction zone.


Eid-Ul-Adha 2016

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Ladies Halaqa


Hajj 2016
Dear Community Members,

Markaz ul Islam is holding Hajj Information session this Sunday August 14 after Duhar.

Mohamad Rekieh Imam of Masjid An Noor will be conducting the session.

Al Adabul Mufrad Dars


Brothers Swimming

Swimming Programs for Brothers ONLY will start from August 13th 2016, every Saturday at Confederation Pool, regardless we send a reminder or not.

Timing: 8:30 PM- 10:00 PM.
Fee: 5$ per person.Kids 4 year & under r free.

We shall send a notice in case of any Cancelation etc.


Dr. Sadiq Weekly Program



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